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Calgary Roofing Tips: How To Protect Your Roof In Winter

Snow removal is often one of the dreaded tasks during winter, but it’s a crucial one to stay on top of to prevent serious damage to your home. Taking steps to protect your roof is a key way to help prevent unnecessary damage to both your roof and your home. Use these tips to protect your roof this winter.

1- Make Sure Your Attic is Well Ventilated

Poor ventilation during the winter can allow water to condense on the underside of a roof. If this moisture builds up, it can damage your roof, insulation, and drywall. Keep your attic well ventilated and at a temperature that’s close to the outside temperature to combat this problem. Adding extra insulation can help create a barrier so that warm air from your home doesn’t heat up the attic.

2- Prepare for Winter with a Roofing Company in Calgary

Before the first winter storm is heading your way, schedule an inspection by a roofing company in Calgary. They can assess the condition of your roof and check for areas of weakness such as misplaced or loose flashing, shingle issues, and faulty vents and chimneys. Cleaning your gutters and downspouts is another important way to prepare for winter snow.

3- Keep a Roof Rake Handy

Using a roof rake is a great way to help prevent snow build-up. Snow is heavy, and your roof can only handle so much weight. For most roofs, this is no more than three feet of snow or two inches of ice. Keep your roof clear of heavy loads to prevent property damage and serious injury. When clearing your roof, work carefully to avoid damaging your roof, and don’t use salt or chemicals because they can damage the roof and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

4- Protect Yourself while Clearing Calgary Roofing

Removing ice and snow from the roof is a challenging and dangerous task. Stay safe while tackling the project by doing as much as possible from the ground. Many roof rakes are long enough to handle the job from a distance. Use a short ladder if necessary. If you need to get up on the roof, clear as much as possible first and work from areas that are already free of snow and ice. Call a roofing company in Calgary if the job is too big to do yourself.

With a little planning and care, you can help protect your roof from harsh winter weather.

H & J Roofing is a Calgary roofing company, committed to excellence and quality service. We have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry giving us the knowledge and expertise to handle all roof related jobs. The next time you need roofing in Calgary, call us on (587) 433-9746 for a free quote!

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