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The Benefits of Vinyl Decking

Over the course of a year, Calgary spans from temperatures of 17 degrees to 75 degrees. Your closet may be prepared for those great spans in temperatures and weather. But what about your home? Houses in Calgary can’t just be built with aesthetics in mind. They also need durability.

A beautiful deck is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, a relaxing book, or dinner with friends and family. Although wood is the traditional choice for decks, more and more homeowners are turning to vinyl for the advantages it offers.

Let’s explore the benefits of vinyl decking in Calgary.

Durable Vinyl Decking
Calgary experiences harsh winter weather and plenty of summer sun, both of which are hard on decking materials. Vinyl decking in Calgary is designed to withstand rain, snow, wind, heavy traffic, and more. It is a durable material that can easily last for years, making it a great investment for homeowners. Mold, mildew, and insects aren’t a problem either.

Versatile Decking
The large array of options makes it easy to find vinyl decking that complements the style of your home. You can choose a vinyl product that mimics the look of wood or one that is mottled or has a granite-like appearance. Products can have a flat surface or a wood-like feel. You can blend different vinyl options together or choose one product. This is just a taste of the options available from roofing companies in Calgary.

Low Maintenance Vinyl Decking
Another big benefit of choosing vinyl decking in Calgary is its low maintenance. It doesn’t need to be sanded, sealed, or stained. In fact, the only maintenance it requires is an occasional gentle wash to prevent dirt and grime build-up.

Waterproof Vinyl Decking
Vinyl decking is also waterproof which means you don’t have to worry about rot or mould. The water just runs off the deck without doing damage. Vinyl decks include anti-slip technology to maintain grip even when wet.

Roofing companies in Calgary can install a beautiful vinyl deck on your property so you can join the many homeowners enjoying the benefits.

H & J Roofing is a Calgary roofing company, committed to excellence and quality service. We have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry giving us the knowledge and expertise to handle all roof related jobs. The next time you need roofing in Calgary, call us on (587) 433-9746 for a free quote!

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