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The Cost For Roof Replacement In Calgary

The cost for a full roof replacement can be untenable for some. As well, in many circumstances, it is not necessary to completely redo the roof, but rather just to affect the worst areas. These areas could consist of leaks that penetrate the home or business or rotted areas where water has had a chance to sit.

Although, there are situations where the roof cannot be salvaged and must be replaced entirely. Here too, there is hope. If it is only the shingling layer that is damaged, the cost can be reduced substantially. This is because there are several layers to a roof, and only having to remove the outermost layer means there will be significantly fewer hazards, like electrical wiring, to slow the progress of the repair.

What Will Make My Roof Repair in Calgary More Difficult?

Another factor in a Calgary roofing company’s assessment of a roof will be the number of slopes, the variation of those slopes, and roof design features, like skylights and chimneys. Each additional slop or design feature can incur an additional cost, due to the complexity associated with working on these areas. 

Additionally, the material used to make your roof will influence the cost. Asphalt shingles, a popular choice among Canadian homeowners, are inexpensive but durable. Whereas metal roofs can withstand harsh weather better, the material itself is difficult to manufacture and requires extra effort to install correctly.

Roofing Companies

Calgary Roofing Companies Will Give You Professional Advice

It is most imperative that you seek the advice of a qualified and experienced Calgary roofing company before hiring any said individual. Sometimes the most important step is phoning multiple contractors. This will help you see the differences in cost between each company, and also allow you to discuss any extra work that may be required before committing to a purchase.

That being said, most Calgary roofing companies will tell you that the cost for a full roof replacement roughly begins at $4000 CAD, and will go up from there depending on the number of factors that relate to your roof, listed above. 

H & J Roofing is a Calgary roofing company, committed to excellence and quality service. We have more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry giving us the knowledge and expertise to handle all roof-related jobs. The next time you need roofing in Calgary, call us on (587) 433-9746 for a free quote!

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