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The Effects of Summer on Your Roof

The effects summer has on Calgary roofing vary depending, chiefly, on the type of material from which they are made. It cannot be overstated that the sun is indeed a blazing hot mass of energy, and even though we are a significant distance from it, our world is shaped and molded by its rays. Nowhere is this more true than human plastic production, which simply lacks the fortitude to resist the damaging effects of the sun.

Although, you should note that we have made great advancements as a society in terms of our creation’s ability to stand up to the sun. Our plastics are more durable than ever before, and we have the ability to infuse UV-blocking particulates to strengthen them even further. Naturally, one of the materials that has received the most attention in this regard is Calgary roofing materials. 


How are Roofing Materials Strengthened?

As mentioned previously, roofing materials are strengthened significantly by the addition of UV-blocking particulates added to their core structure. However, this is often done with roofing materials made of plastic. When it comes to shingle roofing, there is less that you can do, other than ensuring a successful installation.


The reason that the installation is so necessary is because of the heat the sun brings to the table. If you have moisture underneath your shingles, for instance, the sun will cause it to heat up (read: expand), and your shingles may crack or warp as it escapes from underneath. The correct installation of the roofing system will prevent trapped moisture. 


The Sun’s Effects on Calgary Roofing

One of the more common side-effects of sun exposure on your roof is the discolouration of the materials. As they age, the materials lose some of their lustre, and their colour will fade. Typically, this isn’t a mark of a failure in the material, but it does have a deleterious effect on the appearance of your roof.

Another regular issue the sun grants to roofing is warping. Yes, this may be a result of moisture seeking a way through your shingles from underneath, but the sun’s heat can also directly affect the shingles. If they remain hot and dry for extended periods, shingles may begin to warp or crack because of the lack of moisture-caused elasticity. A balance must be struck between keeping the interior of your roof dry and having sufficient elasticity for your roofing materials. 


For more information about summer’s effects on your roof, consider speaking with a certified roofing professional as they can inform you about several exciting and oft-forgotten roofing specifications. Plus, since you should have a roof inspection completed every year, you will always have an opportunity to glean more useful information.


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