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Flat Roofing

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While traditionally used for commercial buildings, flat roofs have become a popular choice among many homeowners. As a professional flat roofer in Calgary, H&J Roofing’s roofing contractors can address your questions and provide you with a detailed quote.


While there are pros and cons to consider, flat roofing offers some significant benefits. One of the advantages of a flat roof is its cost-effectiveness compared to sloped roofing systems—the simpler design and installation process results in lower labour and material costs. Beyond savings to your wallet, it can turn a roof into additional usable space, perfect for anyone wanting to create an outdoor living area, garden, or even additional storage space. 


Compared to sloped roofs, flat roofs also often result in fewer structural and maintenance issues, so you won’t need to worry about constant roofing repair


Take advantage of the many benefits and versatility of a flat roof today. Whether you’re building a new home, beginning extensive renovations, or looking for a basic roof replacement, H&J Roofing can help.

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Common Materials

Materials matter in roofing. Selecting the right materials is an important aspect of construction as it impacts the overall structure, durability, and appearance of a building or home. Different roofing materials offer varying levels of protection against the elements, energy efficiency, and fire resistance – so choosing the right material is essential.


PVC is a popular material for flat roofs for a good reason. Lightweight, durable, & flexible, it’s easy to install, low maintenance and resistant to punctures, cracks, and fire. It’s the perfect eco-friendly material that offers a long-lasting solution!


The versatility and affordability of bitumen are what make it the ideal material for flat roofs. Bitumen is available in various forms, including rolls, shingles, and membranes. With its low cost and long lifespan, bitumen is a great cost-effective and low-maintenance material option.

Flat Roofing Components

A flat roof isn’t like your traditional roof. Flat roofing is characterized by its flat or slightly sloped surface, which differs from traditional pitched roofs’ sloped surfaces. The design and components of a flat roof are carefully selected to ensure a durable and long-lasting roofing system for your home.


Are you worried about water damage? A flat roof’s vapour barrier prevents moisture from infiltrating inside. The waterproofing membrane serves as the final barrier against water and other elements to avoid structural issues and remain protected.


When Calgary’s cold weather strikes, you want good insulation to keep you warm. The insulation in flat roofs improves energy efficiency, which not only reduces utility costs but also boosts indoor air quality. It’s what helps keep you warm while minding your health and wallet.


A firebreak acts as a barrier between the roof and the building structure. It reduces the risk of fire spreading from the roof to the rest of the building and is an essential aspect of fire safety that provides peace of mind to everyone under a flat roof.


The base sheet is a crucial component of flat roofs. Made of reinforced, asphalt-saturated material, it provides added strength and stability and protects against damage from wind, water, and other elements. With a base sheet, it can easily extend the lifespan of your flat roofing system.


The cap sheet provides primary protection against water and the elements. Cap sheets are made of a durable, reinforced material that is resistant to UV rays and temperature changes. In turn, it extends your roof’s lifespan while maintaining aesthetic appeal.
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Flat roofs have been popular since ancient times and continue to be so today. At H&J Roofing, we recognize an increased demand for flat roofs from residential roofing companies. Larger acreage homes often use a combination of flat and sloped roof systems, and we’re experienced in providing the best recommendations for homeowners. Trust in the best flat roofer in Calgary!

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A flat roof’s lifespan depends on the materials used, the quality of installation, and the amount of maintenance it receives. On average, a flat roof can last between 15 to 25 years, similar to a traditional sloped roof with asphalt shingles.

It’s recommended you have a flat roof inspected once a year. Annual inspections can help you prevent costly repairs or a full roof replacement by identifying issues as they arise. 

The method for fixing a leak in a flat roof will depend on the cause of the leak and the type of roofing material used. In some cases, a simple repair and patch of the damaged area may be enough. In other situations, the entire roof may need to be replaced. It’s best to consult a professional roofing company for an accurate assessment and repair.

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