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Hardie Board
Siding Calgary

By H&J Roofing and Exteriors

Most Trustworthy Siding Company in Calgary

Siding is a critical component in commercial and residential roofing. Not only does it protect from the elements, but it also contributes to the overall aesthetic of a building or home. At H&J Roofing, we’re a siding company in Calgary dedicated to ensuring your building or home siding is strong and appealing. 


As a roofing company in Calgary dedicated to quality work, we accomplish this by applying our seasoned expertise and exceptional craftsmanship and utilizing only the best tools and materials. Speaking of materials, our go-to material to use for siding work is Hardie Board siding. From years of using Hardie Board in Calgary, we can safely say it’s a reliable material for its overall performance and durability


We prefer to use this material since we want many to reap the benefits of what Hardie Siding in Calgary can do for them. It’s an environmentally-friendly material that looks good while providing the protection you need. With a material we can count on for any siding job, you can trust us to get it done right.

Most Trustworthy Siding Company in Calgary

Hardie Board For Lasting Style
& Tough Protection

Enhance Your Curb Appeal & Home Aesthetic

Protect Against Pests, Fire, Hail, Rot, & More

Maximize Your Home’s Durability & Longevity

Make Your Home More Efficient & Environmentally-Friendly

Explore Your Options
For Side Boarding

Hardie Board Styles

H&J Roofing is a siding company in Calgary you can rely on to use the best materials for siding. Over the years, we’ve used Hardie Board in Calgary as the perfect material for quality siding. Versatility and durability make up all James Hardie siding in Calgary. Its damage resistance, low maintenance requirements, energy-saving properties, and design options are why we’re proud to be trusted Hardie Board suppliers in Calgary.


H&J Roofing is no stranger to building on vintage homes & buildings. Plank is the perfect James Hardie material to give a traditional & timeless look. Sleek and strong, it’s no wonder it’s so popular!


James Hardie shingles are a great way to add character to your home. With so many styles, you can find one that fits your aesthetic. Since it’s low maintenance, you don’t have to fuss over its condition & look constantly.


Vertical James Hardie siding is a popular design choice for many commercial buildings. However, it’s gaining traction residentially. Combining plank with vertical siding creates a unique visual design that’s eye-catching to homeowners.


Take the look of your siding to a whole new level with James Hardie's artisan siding. By offering attractive, deep shadow lines & extra thick boards, it sets your home apart with its lap siding & trim.

Other Siding Materials

As much as we’d love for others to get James Hardie siding in Calgary, we do respect choosing a different material for your home or building. At H&J Roofing, we also provide vinyl, stucco, or composite as materials for siding. If you’re uncertain of what material is best, we can help weigh out the pros and cons of each to ensure it meets your siding needs.


Besides Hardie Board siding material, vinyl is another popular option. Not only is it durable, attractive, & cost-efficient, but it’s also easy to install, clean, & paint over. You honestly can’t go wrong with vinyl siding!


Another great option is stucco for offering various colours & textures & some insulation value. It’s important to note that stucco can crack when your home or building expands & contracts with temperature changes. So, proper maintenance & professional installation is a must.


Composite allows you to achieve the vintage look of wood without its drawbacks. By combining fibrous wood pieces with other resilient materials, it looks just like the real thing and you can choose from various wood textures & patterns.
We’re Not Like Other
Roofing Companies
The H&J Difference

At H&J Roofing, good old-fashioned craftsmanship and service is how we ensure your needs are met in all aspects. By offering fair deals like upgrading your materials to a class four hail impact shingle and Hardie Board siding, we can take away some financial stress by making you eligible for a discount on your insurance. Not only will your wallet be happy, but you’ll have strong, good-looking siding made by the best siding company in Calgary!

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Questions For Our
Roofing Contractors?

What exactly is the source of Hardie boards’ durability? It all stems from its composition. It’s made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibres, which combine to create an outstanding material to both protect & beautify homes.

James Hardie comes with a 30-year non-prorated warranty. This is one of the best siding warranties offered among siding products.

The manufacturer recommends that you do not pressure wash your Hardie siding. The hard spray of water from the power washer can damage the surface of the siding. In fact, pressure washing fibre cement siding is one of the only ways you can damage this durable type of siding.

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